Back to School Hair Styles!

Need some ideas for back to school hair styles? Look no further!

Here are some ideas to make your mornings a lot easier!


A Sleek Ponytail for School

This sleek updo would be perfect for school! Its easy and will stay in place all day!

Half-Up 'Do for School

Half-Up and Half-Down is a perfect way to pull your hair away from your face! Pull some hair around your face to frame it if you like as well! Instead of having just the pony, you can make a top messy bun!


Twisted With a Hair Comb Clip

If you want an easy hairstyle idea that still looks cute, put down the hair tie and grab a hair comb clip instead!


Box Braids

If you're looking for a protective style that'll last you six to eight weeks, try box braids. They might take awhile to install but its worth it!

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