Cute Hair Styles to try this Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is among us! Have you figured out what your perfect hair style will be?


Here are 3 cute hair styles that are easy!


  1. Half Up, Half Down
    this hair style is extremely easy! All you need to do is separate your hair and take a hair tie and wrap it. If you want to make this hair style even more cute, add a bow or a pink scrunchie! 
  2. Low Bun
    A low bun is exactly as it sounds, a low bun! Just wrap your hair at the base of your next into a bun and then wrap it with a hair tie!
  3. Braids
    Braids are always a good hair style and will last more than just a day! Add some red or pink beads to add a little be more cuteness to your hair!

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