Spring Trends 2022

Trends that are going to be big this spring!

Natural Texture 

Want to emphasize your natural hair? Try an emphasis on less-is-more styling! Let your hair go natural! Use a curl cream or gel to help tame your hair if that's something you need but try and not use any heat or chemical styling and let your natural hair flow!



Slick Back Bun


 A slick back bun is a great and easy style to do! All you will need is a hair tie and some gel to complete the look.

Pull all your hair back, either in a low or high pony and wrap your hair around and tie the hair tie around. Add gel to your edges and brush the gel throughout, if you don’s like using gel, hairspray is another product that can be used.

If you don't have enough hair to make a bun you can buy a bun and attach it to your own hair to create a bun!



Sleek Straight Middle Part

 Want to look polished? A sleek straight look is the look for you! Use a flat iron to smooth out all your kinks in your hair then add gel to your hair to keep it in place. You may not need gel depending on your hair texture.


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