Winter Hair Care Tips

Four tips that will save your hair from Canada’s harsh winter.

1. Hair Oiling: The key to healthy, silky, shiny hair are Castor Oil and Moroccan Oil. Castor oil is recommended for use on coarse thick hair and Moroccan Oil is recommended for use on thin to medium coarse hair to help with hair growth and hydration by coating the hair shaft and keeping it moist. Additionally, to avoid a flakey-dry scalp for those with coarse hair, you can keep it hydrated with a Dandruff Control Scalp Spray but remember to not over-do-it!

2. Deep Conditioning: One of the best ways to protect hair against dry cold weather is to deep condition or use hot oil treatments. For hot oil treatments, keep the oiled hair under a cap and blow dry it under the cap to steam for 20-30min and wash it out. This will help to improve the dryness of your hair.

3. Less Heat Styling: Heat is the one thing everyone loves in the winter, but not for your hair! Avoid or decrease your usage of heat styling methods as it can dry out your hair. If you really must use one, use a heat protector on your hair!

4. Protective Styling: Cornrows, twists, and braids are recommended for protective styling to help maintain and manage your hair in the Canadian winter season. If you’re not familiar with protective styling, invest in a winter hat with a satin or silk lining. Wear sleeping caps at night or wear it under your winter hat to keep moisture in the hair!

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