Winter Hair Trends!

This Season’s List Of Haircut Trends For Winter 2023

Our trend radar is showing tons of layers, wearable mid-length cuts and fringe!

  1. Layers 
    Layers help give your hair volume and a super model look! Its great for all hair types! 
    Pro Tip: Use a large round brush to achieved that volumized look 

  2. Fringe/Bangs
    Bangs help frame the face and gives you that "Wednesday Adams look" which is extremely popular!
  3. Mid Length Bob
    The bob is a classic look! cutting the bob mid length and layered gives you that classic look but with a little bit more edge!
    Pro Tip: Curl your bob with a 1" curling iron away from your face and brush the curls out once they are cooled and achieved that messy look!

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