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Ashanti Naturals Unrefined African Soft & Creamy Shea Butter 15oz


Brand Ashanti Naturals

Ashanti Naturals Unrefined African Soft & Creamy Shea Butter15 oz.

Do you love the 8-ounce jar of pure Shea Butter, but feel that you need a little bit more? Not a problem. With this 16-ounce jar of unrefined Shea Butter, you can get all the Shea Butter you love at an even better value. If raw Shea Butter is something that you need to use on a regular basis (and it should be!), then this is the size that is perfect for you. Whether it's for keeping your skin smooth, keeping your hair irresistibly soft, keeping your aging-skin firm, or treating your baby's diaper rash, you definitely won't be running out of this 16-ounce jar of our all-natural Shea Butter anytime soon. Soft & Creamy Shea Butter is so easy to apply and has all the benefits of Shea Butter you have come to love.

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