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JEROME RUSSELL | Temp'ry Temporary Hair Color Spray


Brand Jerome Russell

JEROME RUSSELL | Temp'ry Temporary Hair Color Spray 2.2oz



  • Includes a Steel Pin Tail Comb for easy application, separation of hair and final styling of hair!
  • You're so golden! Jerome Russell's Temp'ry Hair Color Aerosol Spray is intense Spray-On Temporary Hair Color that colors your hair without bleach or peroxide and washes out easily! Because it simply coats your hair strands, you don't have to worry about any damage but still get major color payoff!
  • Try a fun temporary change with Temp'ry Aerosol Hair Color.
  • Choose from a variety of colors, from theatrical to natural.
  • Temporary Spray-On Colors are specially formulated to vividly color or highlight your hair, with a range of great colors to choose from. No need for the use of tints bleaches, or

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